We are known for quality over quantity when it comes to our production and food. Our tasting menu changes monthly and seasonally. Our team only looks for the very best quality of everything that will be made in our kitchen, the level of freshness, taste and smell will be tested carefully before purchase. We create many different sauces to give foodies not just a beautiful bite, but also a wow factor and explosion of flavour each time. We change our table setting concepts monthly , while keeping our amazing vibe, outstanding atmosphere for the guests at every individual tasting.

Our team is on top of things to provide the best service, a true exclusive unforgettable experience that will be remembered and shared with their friends and family afterward. It is perfect for dating, bonding times or even an individual single dine for some self love needed. We make sure our guests are happy and fulfilled as well as impressing the guests that they bring to our events for surprise or celebrations.

Many of our repeated guests still have different mind blowing experiences every time they choose us. Our kitchen provides a variety of food, ingredients from many different countries to continue to amaze our guests. We are very thankful for all the loyal guests who help us spread the words, to all our new guests for trusting and giving us a try. We will do our best to keep our future events more unique and memorable for everyone.