About Our Hot Sauce

Our chili sate oil hot sauce was created by Lah about 4 years ago. She used five different types of chili to create a well-balancing of blends, which provides not just an amazing smell, but also the level of spiciness and unique touch to it. She also adds a lot of natural ingredients to enhance the flavor to an absolute level. Many of our buyers would purchase boxes of our hot sauce to send it to their friends and family as a gift. We have feedback that some families would use it on a daily basis, topping on everything they eat to enhance the flavor for a yummier bite. It is also a great add on to any soup, cooking guidelines to create a better smelling, tasting dish. Our hot sauce aka liquid gold is being rated as one of the “can’t be missing from the kitchen” by everyone who has given it a try. It will be coming soon on our website. You can still contact us for your order to give it a try, you will definitely not regret it.